Dash rattle in 2003 Silverado

When driving at 60 miles per hr. and above, i get a rattle or crackling noise in my dash

on the passenger side of the truck.

A friend of mine has the same problem in his

2005 Silverado.

What can it be? Help. very annoying

Well, you haven’t given much info. How many miles are on the truck? How many miles are on your friend’s truck?

Just wondering, is there any possibility that there is some part loose? Saying that it is on the passenger side dash prompts me to think that it is the airbag, which wouldn’t be a good thing.

Check the hinge bolts on the hood. The bolts on my 2000 Blazer loosened up and hood rattling appeared to be coming from the dash. Shoving a piece of cardboard into the hinge area stopped the rattle temporarily. GM sells conical washers that stop the rattling.

Ed B.

Also take a look at the radio antenna mast,maybe they are both loose.

I have 56,000 miles on the truck. I keep it in excellent condition.
My friends truck has 53,000 on it.
Both make a crackling noise like plastic sheeting crackling but only above 60 miles an hour or more. Below that nothing.
Can you still help