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Dash lights?

the guage face lights on my 2002 accent wont light up and the fuses and bulbs are good, what could be wrong

I’m not familiar with the Accent, but on most cars there is a rheostat to dim the dash lights. I had to replace one on a Ford Aerostar that I owned. You can check with a voltmeter to see if power is going to the rheostat. If not, this isn’t the problem. Then check to see if power is coming out of the rheostat. If not, it is defective.

there is a dimer on the dash lights i will have to test it tomorow…thanx for your advice

i have tested the dimer swtich and there is no power going throught the lines to the switch what could case this

Power to the dimmer swtich is usually provided through the light switch so I would see if you can find the wire that ties between the two and check for power at both ends.