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Battery indicator light

An annoying battery indicator light comes on in my '89 Accord every once in a while. This car has a new battery (May 08), new wires, cap, rotor & plugs (Jan 08). Alternator replaced about 50k ago. The spark seems a bit weak . . . my spark checking tool causes it to jump across a gap on the tool . . . the spark is yellow-orange, not blue. The car starts and runs fine, no performance problems. It has a lot of miles on it . . . Problem is the idiot light . . . what is it set to “indicate”? Rocketman

the battery light usually indicates that the battery is not charging,either the alternator is faulty,or the battery is not holding the charge,or it could just be that the belt that drives the alternator is loose,and remember,just because youve replaced something,doesnt mean its not faulty!! good luck rocketman.

You should get your charging system checked. At least check the battery voltage with a fast idle (~1500 rpm) and all accessories off. Should be 14-14.5V.