Dash guages at startup

When I start up all the guages peg full scale and then go back to normal.What is up??

OH left out that this is a 2003 ford f150

I just had this happen. When I replaced the battery it stopped. My conclusion was that the computer was not being maintained by the old battery and the full stop action was to re-calibrate the gauges. Btw, my battery was 6+ years old at the time.
I also have a 2003 F150.

Your battery is starting to fail.

On many new cars, this is the normal start-up operation of the gauges.
However, on a 2003 F-150, I suspect that this may be due to a battery that is about to fail–as was already said. Time for a load test on that battery.

Thanks to all. This is what I was told but when I had the battery load tested it tested strong. Well I think it is time for a new battery.