I just spotted a very dark fluid on the ground under my vehicle (almost 1 square foot in size) just in front of the rear driver side tire (gas filler neck is just behind driver side rear tire). It looks pretty much straight black on the ground but when I dab my finger in it, it stains my finger brown and it smells like gasoline. I’m not surprised that I have a gas leak, because I have like 3 evaporative system codes, but I am surprised to see it’s so dark. Any ideas why?

Gasoline is a solvent. When it leaks it melts many things. Undercoating, asphalt, grease, some rubbers.

If it makes a 1 foot puddle and smells like gas, it needs to be repaired IMMEDIATELY before it burns your car to the ground and maybe you with it. Good Luck.


Buy a bag of kitty litter to sop it up, put down a plastic tarp, then paper on top of it so you can see exactly where it’s dripping from. Unless it’s flowed from the tank or fuel lines, I don’t see what could be leaking. Could someone have tried to steal gas and spilled it?