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Dangerous to drive?

Our old 84 Volvo needs new torque rods and bushings according to a mechanic. It’s an expensive repair for such an old car. It vibrates at quick acceleration but seems ok when it gets up to speed. Is it dangerous for our 20 something son to drive if he avoids harsh acceleration but drives up to 60 mph?


Suspension and steering components should never be considered safe when worn out. They can and do fall apart suddenly.

Ditto to what mountainbike stated.

If you are even considering cheaping out on this issue, it makes me wonder about your concern for the health and welfare of your son and all of the other folks who share the road with your car.

Either get it repaired now, or park the car until you have the money for this repair.

How many miles on this 26 year old classic?? With most cars like this, everything that turns or moves is worn out…

Can’t agree more with the others - either fix it or can it, don’t let him drive it.

Time to move on. The Volvo may have been safe for it’s time, but not by today’s standards.

You did not state how many miles are on this thing but if torque rods and bushings are bad I would strongly suspect there are other issues with the suspension also.

If the ball joints have never been replaced I would really wonder about those because that is the one suspension part that can make you dead real quick if it fails; followed in short order by a tie rod end, etc.

Are the torque rods bent or rusted? They rarely need replacement due to the fact that they do not lose their strength with age. I would be very surprised if it really needs more than bushings unless it had a major front end accident. Do not replace torque rods unless the mechanic really knows how to test them. Very few mechanics understand these suspensions. If so then possibly find them used.