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Damaging a catalytic converter

I have a 2004 Honda Accord. The yellow engine light on the dashboard began to blink today and the car began to misfire. It is not back firing, only missing. I am 60 miles from my home. What are my chances of making it home without damaging the catalytic converter or causing some other significant damage. It’s late at night and can’t get the computer read to find out what is specifically wrong with the car.

I’d say 60 miles with a flashing check-engine light would be very likely to do some damage. I’d never try it myself.

Your chances of making it 60 miles with a flashing yellow light and constant misfiring without causing some other significant damage are very, very low.

But there is a way. AAA. They often tow long distances.

If the light were steadily illuminated I’d say, “Go for it,” but a flashing light means STOP IMMEDIATELY.

Call a tow truck.

If the light does keep from blinking then you should be ok. But you cannot do 60 miles with it blinking.

Don’t expect any magic from the codes. The blinking light means a bad misfire - so I can already tell you that you’ll have anything between P0300 and P0306 (or 04 if its a 4 cyl). That doesn’t say anything specific, and still has to be diagnosed. If you’re lucky you might have other codes that give you more info about what might be leading to the misfire. So absolutely have them read and than you can post them for comments.

Even though ignition issues are only one of the things that can cause a misfire, did you at least pop the hood and take a look at the wires? Other ignition components? Look for something loose/broken etc? Every once in a while there is something simple just staring you in the face.