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Damaged Clear Coat expands when rains?

This is a 2000 Acura - there is one area near the trunk the clear coat was damaged - when it rains water gets in between the clear coat and the base paint - weight of the water, it expands!

So I removed the damaged clear coat and it survived one winter - next winter, it is doing it again.

Body shop quoted a lot of money. Is there any spray paint or something that I can use it prevent from expanding?

It doesn’t expand, it is not adhered to the car so water gets behind it and off the car it comes. Loose clearcoat can be sanded off and recoated with clear car paint purchased from the auto parts store or online. It must be paint specifically for cars as anything else won’t hold up. You can do this is small area and it will look better but not perfect. Plenty of youtube videos to show you how to do this

Mr. Mustang is correct . I found several without much effort that really show how to do this yourself.