Damage to 4 wheel drive hubs

Last winter I became stuck in ice and snow with my F150 truck. In order to free my self I sitched to 4WD low and like a idiot I tried going from forward drive and reverse rocking back and forth with the tires spinning like crazy.I finally got free but now when I switch on 4WD low the indicator light no longer come on. What damage could I have possible done and if so is this going to be a pocket breaker.

What year F150?

You’re supposed to be able to rock yourself out (within reason) and so it generally shouldn’t be a problem. The only issue I could see is that with some auto hub setups, in order to go from forward to reverse, the hubs have to unlock and then relock going the other direction and just the process of you locking and unlocking them so many times in quick succession might have caused something to get hung up.

Otherwise, it may just be that a vacuum hose or electrical connector for the automatic transfer case got bumped or otherwise damaged while you were stuck in the snow.

Did 4wd work after or is this the first time you tried it since?


I switched to 4WD but really could not tell, dry pavement here now.

Well, you could just got to gravel or dirt road, put in 4WD, stomp on the gas and see how many skidmarks/holes the truck makes, if you see 3 or more, your 4WD is working.