Dakota noise

My 06 Dodge Dakota,has a terrible racket coming from the front end when you hit a rough place in the roads especially the left side,seems worse when the wheels are cut,nothing is obviously loose,it has 88K miles on it,any ideas?Thanks, Kevin

Did you look at your sway bar bushings? The pressure is different, side to side, when you are turning.

Thanks MG,I checked it out,the links on the sway bar are toast again,ordered a set from rock auto.-Kevin

There should be an option for sway bar links with zirk fittings. A regular greasing of links can improve the longevity.

I tend to agree, barky, but the industry has gone away from greasable joints rather than adding them. I remember when every car needed a routine “grease job”. Heck, those of us who have been around a while used to even have to occasionally “pack” the wheel bearings with fresh grease.

I purchased Moog links for my Dakota from Rock auto.

They had a grease zerk in them and it’s a good thing I greased them well before I lowered the truck. They put the zerk on the botton of the link, but when you drive off …the first small bump and it tears the zerk right off.
Poor design, and I wrote to Rock auto, but never got a reply.
It seems that the engineer at moog never realized that there is a reinforcement on the lower control arm that makes the zerk snap off.
Now to lube them I just pop them loose and install a zerk to grease them.


Thanks Guys the first replacement ones had grease fittings,dont know if the new ones will or not.
Yes lubed for life,is the trend now and has been for a number of years.