Daewoo Nubira



recently the steering in my 2000 Nubira has become very hard to operate. I checked the fluid for the pump and its full and relatively clear, and the outer tierods are in decent shape. When the car is first started in the morning its very hard to turn the wheel, but when it warms up roughly about 40 min it gets a bit easier. Is it possible that my power sterring pump might be going bad.


Whatever it is, pump, rack, or something else, it’s NOT safe to drive a car with a hard-to-turn steering wheel. Have this diagnosed and fixed before something really bad happens. I would have the car towed to a repair shop, rather than risk driving it.


The symptoms certainly sound like a problem with the rack & pinion. But, no matter what is causing the problem, this is not something that is going to get better. And, if the steering binds up suddenly while you are turning, it could be very dangerous. As was already said, get this car to a qualified mechanic a.s.a.p.


could something like this be caused by an inner tierod going bad, or have anything with a front tire having a slightly different air pressue.


It’s not tire pressure. If it were, it would NOT get better 40 minutes later. Neither would a bad tie rod end, for that matter.

I’m thinking pump or steering rack, but without being able to see the car it’s really hard to tell. Take it to a mechanic and fix whatever is wrong.


ok cool, thank you very much I’m leaning towards the pump which I plan on changing within the next couple weeks, especially since this car is only used a couple times during the week and only for a couple miles each way.


you missed the whole point here.

it MAY be the pump, or it may be the rack.

how much money are you going to spend on a pump, if it ISNT the problem???

price the pump, and price a rack and pinion. what if you replace a perfectly good pump, and then you have to do the rack?

how much money are you going to throw at the car, trying to fix it, without actually knowing what is wrong?