Cylinder 1 hesitation

what would cause intermitant hesitation when AT down shifts climbing a grade in cruise mode or not incruise. have changed plug wire and plug 3 times and also changed coil…no help

1997 e-150 140K miles

fuel filter

would it only cause a check engine lite indicating cylinder 1?

Probably not. If you’re getting a misfire in cylinder #1 it’s either an ignition problem or the fuel injector for that cylinder.

Are you getting a DTC PO301 (misfire #1)? If you want to see if it’s caused by the fuel injector, swap #1 fuel injector with another. Run the truck for two “trips”. If the misfire (DTC P030x) goes to the other cylinder, the fuel injector was the fault.

taking it my mech on monday he was trying less expensive fixes but did think it may be the fuel injector
I will suggest switching injectors as suggested
much thanks to you both


this latest check engine lite was indicating cylinder 6 and new wire and plug seems to have worked… so far so good