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2007 Mazda CX-7 - Hello

hello the engine is not working

Hello back… what do you mean the engine is not working? Won’t start? Stopped running while you were driving? Have you had it towed to a shop yet? Is there gas in the tank? Any red or yellow lights on the dash when it was running? How many miles on it? Details, please.


The heavy smoke came from the engine I was on highway I had to contact geico to towed the car to the shop, the mechanics told me the engine was not working need replacement, the millage in the car is 184,000

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So, Anna, what is your question? How much will the shop charge to put in a used engine? It probably isn’t worth it to install a new or rebuilt engine.

Is this Mazda in good enough shape to warrant spending a large sum of money to repair it?

The car still in the good shape I was trying to get another car or engine but I can’t trade in since I still owe the bank for the car

Tough situation. I still haven’t seen a question from you.

I’d suggest the shop install a used engine with less miles than 184K. That is the cheapest route to get you back on the road.

I towed the car back home since I was informed that it will cost me more than $3000 for used one

So, I will ask one more time… What is your question?