CV joint

I have a 96 camry (100200 mi)that acts as though a right front tire is out of ballance when I start to acelerate throught 40 to 55 mph or there abouts. I put brand new set of mechelins and no change. I am going to replace all the struts but I am thinking that I should chang the CV joints as well. Any inputs will be helpful.

Inspecting the CV joint boots will tell you a lot. If the boots are torn and leaking, the joints should be replaced. If the boots are OK I would look elsewhere for the cause of the problem.

Worn CV joints usually make clicking noises when they are going bad.

Before changing anything I’d look for the source of the problem. It could be struts, it could CV joints (which, as McP pointed out, usually make noises often affected by turning), or it could be as simple as a bent rim or a worn out bushing.

Simply replacing parts until the problem goes away can get very expensive.