CV joint -- how urgent?

The '04 Camry with 72K miles is making a little of the clunking noise when the steering is hard-over to the right (have not tested left yet). My education on this site says it’s the CV joint. So, how urgent is it to get this fixed? The car is getting used probably less than 8K miles/year.

“Clunking” is not a CV joint. CV joint going bad is a “clicking”. Clunking could be VERY dangerous. Have it checked out by a pro.

If it does turn out to be the CV, it is not urgent. Worst case is the car coasts to a stop. If other parts of the front suspension break, you could crash.

Actually, clunking could be a CV joint. The inner CV joint, an entirely different design than the outer incorporating a triangle with sort of ball bearing assembles on the ends and allowing axial movement can clunk. See the attached exploded view drawing of an example.

I agree that this should be checked out. There are other components such as ball joints and tie rod ends that can clunk as well.

Thanks. I’ll not quibble about the difference between clicking and clunking. We’ll take in to the trusted independent mechanic and see.

The last time we had a clunk, it was a bad wheel bearing.