CV axle snapped, can I JB Weld it together for 1.3 mile drive to Honda at 5 mph?

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A few points:
-Honda has put a recall for all 2007 to 2013 Honda Fits to replace CV axles in rust belt states. This is a very common problem (according to, Honda Fit owners forum.)
-I have an appointment with my local Honda dealer to have this recall done, to replace the CV axles, on September 9.
-However, before I could take my car in, the CV axle snapped today (bad luck.)

Anyways, getting a tow truck is difficult around this time because of Hurricane IDA in the NorthEast which left many cars flooded and stranded, and shops are super busy.

So, the idea is to use JB WELD to hold the CV axle together temporarily for a 1.3 mile drive at 5mph.

Due to way this thing snapped and with a very thick coating of JB Weld, this might possibly…work?

Most ppl think it’s dumb and dangerous though. I think if I drive SUPER slow and test it by driving 10 feets back and forth and braking to see if it’ll hold (remmeber braking puts a lot of stress on the CV.)

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I think you should listen to most people. sorry but it wont work.


Nope nope nope…


Make a video of that and post it on Youtube.



thanks Tester that struck me funny just thinking of watching it.

Contact Honda, they will likely pay for the towing. The recalls I have performed in the past have paid for towing and other damages caused by the part failure.

Epoxy will not handle the amount of torque applied to an axle shaft.


I think you’re right, I would have to PUSH Honda-------I called them today actually, and basically they told me that I’m on my own to get the car towed to a dealership.

BUT, life experience tells me that If I insist on making it their problem, they might do something. That’s how the world works… you have to fight and insist.

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I could add that JBWELD is not simple epoxy: it’s … JB WELD…

It’s like steel…

Call Honda’s regional office and ask them about a tow. Since it’s only a bit over a mile they may consider that option; and make sure they have the part in stock so it won’t turn into a waiting game.

Well it might be like steel but it’s not. I think a piece of hose and some heavy clamps would work better but wouldn’t count on success either way.

For that kind of distance, get a friend with a truck or SUV and a tow strap and pull it there. You could almost push it a mile yourself-oh I guess I’m thinking about pushing my Morris Minor.

Just call the truck now and get on the list.


The name used in their marketing is “weld” but it is in fact steel reinforced epoxy. It is not a genuine weld.


Changing the CV yourself might be less work and headache than messing with JB Weld, etc. You are going to cause more damage.
And for @Tester; youtube is so yesterday. Post it on Tik Tok.

Think about the next steps here…

What if your “fix” fails 1 mile into your “journey”? In the middle of an intersection. You’re still going to have to call a tow truck. And possibly deal with angry drivers, and maybe even the police for blocking the intersection.

Just have the car towed on the front end. Don’t make this hard.


Here’s a Home Depot pipe coupling:

If one encases the point of re-attachment, this might provide enough re-enforcement.

Remember: as torque is applied, there will be forces upwards and outwords, the threads on the coupling sealed by JBWELD can provide the necessary re-enforcement against separation.

So now you’re going to cut and thread the broken ends, then install this coupling? I can’t see how you could do that in this tight space, and it probably would fail even if you could.

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Most ppl are correct.

I guess you aren’t most ppl.

Do not drive this car, just call, get your name on the list and have it towed, even if it means waiting a couple days. If you need a car and don’t have another one, then either Uber/Lyft or maybe contact your insurance, explain what happened and see about getting a rental car if possible, if they rebuke you, then just try to get a rental and pay for it yourself. If a rental isn’t possible (low inventory to begin with + the tropical storm), then see if you have any friends/coworkers that might be willing to help you out.


Heck, try it. JB weld that sucker. Do a little test drive in your driveway. Tell us how it goes. If it’s just 1.3 miles, I’d ask a friend with a truck to hook a tow strap to it and pull it there.

I’m just chewing over the idea, I’ve decided not to do it.

It wouldn’t work because the forces pushing outward would only be held together by the adhesive power of JB WELD.

JB WELD with the coupling could hold the vertical forces, but not the horizontal forces…

The problem forces are the rotational forces (torque), not vertical or horizontal forces.


No way would this ever work.