CV Axle: Reman or New for 1990 Honda?

1990 Acura Integra

Wondering if I should get a Reman or New CV Axle (half - right front)? I may not keep the car for long. Boot can not be replaced as it is making a cracking sound. I recently acquired the car.

Reman or New CV Axle?
Online or local shop - do people experience issues with the part and go back for exchange - I never done replacement in my life so unsure (always had the boot done).

Are new parts even available for this old car??

I’d go reman. Online is usually my preference… but not Ebay

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Yup they are available
Called the manuf listed on RockAuto - manuf recommended buying at the shop saying exchange is easy! That is why asked. RockAuto has great price.

There really is no point in going new. The shaft itself will not wear out and the joint and the boot will be new. I don’t think I would get this on line though since you want an exact match and make it easy on yourself to exchange. I would go to a reputable parts store though. To me it would be NAPA and on the OR or AZ. Others may disagree but some of the cheap remans just use the old joint, grease it, put a new boot on and in the box.

It’s not exactly easy though and you need tools. Follow the steps in the book. I once did one on my Riv in the parking garage at work. I think 3-4 hours and my wife found and brought me all the tools I needed.

The shop who does it tells me if there is a clicking sound he can not fix it. This is also what is in this forum but others.

The clicking sound is from the ball bearings in the CV joint, mounted on the shaft and covered by the boots. No you don’t fix the joint, the joints are replaced but the shaft is just a chunk of machined bar stock.

So putting a new boot will fix the issue?

No. A new boot is just the cover on the worn out joint and won’t do a thing except look pretty. Look at a picture of a CV joint. The joint is what is worn out.

So the half shaft would be an easy fix right? Parts are cheaper than labor?

Some pics, but if you do it yourself, make dang sure you don’t pull the joint apart when you put it in, or it’ll be ruined and back to the store for another one like I did.

We’ve been given a bad reman axle but the shop ended up covering it under their parts and labor warranty.