Curbs vs. Sidewalls


Are curbs getting stronger or are tire sidewalls getting weaker? More specifically, are the now-popular granite curbs with sharp corners and rough faces harder on tires than the old concrete ones? I’ve had some bad experiences in this regard, and know others who have as well.


Yes, they are definitely harder on tires, especially when they put them straight vertical (which seem to be the current trend) as opposed to leaning at an angle. I tore a large hole in a sidewall parking next to one of those granite curbs. And I didn’t even rub it hard.


Granite looks far superior is significantly less maintenance to road crews. When a plow knicks a concrete curb they fall apart or get damaged and require replacement. Granite can take plow hits with little issue. Sometimes they get displaced but breaking one is very difficult.

Drive more carefully.


Tyres are getting lighter than before for improving fuel efficiency and better handling, etc(cost reasons). Some tires have curb-guards on their sidewalls, some have reinforced sidewalls. Customer does have a choice.

Drive more carefully

I agree wholeheartedly. I inadvertenly hit the curb once before at the toll gate while fumbling a quarter on my lap that costed me $350 for a new tire and $100 for a wheel repair.