Curb Driving?

Hello everyone! quick question. I moved to a new apartment complex and the city has paved a little curb around the parking lot. There’s a little entrance but it’s awkwardly placed and has huge potholes and I pretty much never use it. Is it okay if ive just been driving slowly over the curb? its not a great curb, pretty broken up, usually only 1 wheel actually goes over the full curb for a second then I park. I go slow and I have a big car, is this okay? I have a 2005 Jeep Liberty. The rent is very cheap. Please advise

Going slowly over a low curb should not hurt a Jeep Liberty.


If you don’t drag anything under the car on the curb, you are good.

I’m guessing the curb is to stop people from entering the parking lot in that spot.

Probably not legal to jump the curb either, but I’m not the one that will get the ticket, so do what ever you want.

Its ok i think

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Somehow this post reminded me of that scene in “It’s a Mad Mad Mad Mad World” where the driver has to drive his nearly new car down a steep dirt rock strewn 4wd sort of road. Halfway down the incline the crankcase oil starts pouring out … lol …

So OP, make sure the curb doesn’t hit anything on the underside of your Jeep. Your tires should be able to handle it provided you go slow and there’s no sharp edges, like reinforcement bar, in the curb. I have a 4wd truck and used to go over curbs routinely w/no problem.

[quote=“CarGuy83, post:1, topic:178343”]
I go slow and I have a big car, is this okay? I have a 2005 Jeep Liberty.[/quote]

Big car? It’s only big in height. A 2005 Camry is 15 inches longer, but 1 inch less in width.

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I think you are referring to the scene where a little boy shows Phil Silvers a “shortcut” that winds up wrecking Phil’s car. The car in those scenes was a 1946 Ford, so I’m not sure how that qualifies as a nearly-new car in a movie that was filmed in 1962-63.*
Oh, that’s right, you probably do consider a 16 year old car to be “nearly new”.

*Don’t you remember that the other cars (aside from Terry Thomas’s Willys and Buddy Hackett’s VW bug) were Chrysler products ranging from '59 models to '62 models? Do you think that most people would consider a 16 year old car to be “nearly new”?

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Simple explanation: No rust === nearly new;

No rust, all parts remain attached, & clean windows === new … lol …

the reason I said “nearly new” is bc one of the doors is in the back seat. I forget how the door became detached from the rest of the car. Of all the road vehicles in that movie my favorite is Jonathan Winter’s tow truck. Jack Benny’s car was pretty good too.

Some Owners Say Their New 2021 Ford F-150 Pickups Are Rusting (
I guess they are nearly new. LOL

For pickups rusting on the underside? The photos showing the surface rust on the rear axle are a near identical match what my 50 year old truck looks like. I expect the parts were sitting outside or in a building w/high humidity. I concur w/Ford Corp. That rust isn’t a problem.

Think apartment complex manager might object to you driving over curb? Maybe the new fence will stop you?