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Cruise Control Issue

I have a 2009 Chevy Impala 6cyl. When going downhill, my cruise does not control the speed even on a light to medium grade. Every other car I have ever had did and this includes my wife’s 2005 Malibu Maxx (also a 6 cyl). Hers holds the speed to the accurate setting even on a relatively steep downgrade.
I took it to the dealer and naturally they said there is nothing wrong. Big surprise (obviously, I don’t trust dealers).
What I have read on line varies. Some say it’s normal, others say it’s not right.

Is this behavior normal for my car, or not?


Your vehicle is normal. If you don’t have adaptive cruise control then the vehicle does not have the necessary equipment package to control the vehicle speed downhill. Adaptive cruise control is usually found on expensive luxury vehicles.

My Wife’s 09 Impala Came With A Booklet, A 2009 Impala Owner’s Manual, And It States, “When Going Downhill, You Might Have To Brake Or Shift To A Lower Gear To Keep Your Speed Down. If The Brakes Are Applied The Cruise Will Turn Off.”

My Pontiac Bonneville and our Dodge Caravan operate the same way. To me, this is normal behavior.


Does that mean my wife’s 2005 Malibu Maxx is a luxury car?

What Does This Have To Do With Being A Luxury Car ?
It Has More To Do With The Way A Vehicle, Any Vehicle, Is Designed.


That’s ny point (see first reply to my original post).

Congratulations. What this means is that your new Chevy Impala has less rolling resistance than your wife’s 1005 Malibu Maxx. The rolling resistance and the wind resistance are the only things that keep any of your cars from increasing speed gong downhill. The cruise control does not.