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Crimped Tailpipe

While backing up, I caught the bottom edge of my 2006 Ford Focus tail pipe on a tree trunk and crimped it. The crimp decreased the pipe size to sbout 1/2 the original size. I’ve driven it for about 600 miles like this with no problem. Will I need to replace the pipe?

Bent the pipe or just crushed the tip?

I would probably let it go and just drive but if it’s an easy enough fix then I’d try to take care of it.

If you just crushed the tip it shouldn’t be a big deal to open it back up. If you bent the pipe is it just the tailpipe or something more involved? Could you just cut the bent portion off and clamp on a replacement?

Pretty much wherever the crimp is you could cut it out and put in a short section of pipe. I’d want to get rid of the restriction, it could slightly lower you fuel economy and power.

Pick up an “exhaust pipe expander” and a good size breaker bar at the local discount parts store and simply open the end up again. I’m assuming the crimp is at the pipe’s end?