Crazy? Pour solvent in o2sensor hole?

If I were to work next to the guy, after a few minutes I would tell him “Stay out of my way” :smiley:

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Staying out of the way would not cut it. One would still have to see that incessant arm waving, those stupid sunglasses, and listen to that nasal, whiny voice which is worse than fingernails on a chalkboard.

As an ex-boss of mine used to say all of the time “Well, customer on the lot. Time to dazzle 'em with some BS…”.

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As far as annoying personalities like Kilmer go, these are the only cures I’m aware of

death, whether due to natural causes, illness, or something else

jail and/or prison time

intervention by drug counselors, church, etc.

and of course :fist_right::fist_left:

I’ve rarely seen guys change their behaviour for no good reason(s)

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We had a guy who came to work at a dealer once who reminds me a lot of Kilmer. Not in appearance or voice, but mannerisms. Within 2 months he became shop foreman after dazzling the service manager.
I got along fine before he came on board and fine afterwards so he didn’t exist as far as I was concerned.
He lipped off a few times and I tried to not make waves while wondering when the last straw was going to happen…

Four of us carpooled to lunch one day and unknown to me 4 other guys including this guy did the same and ended up at the same restaurant. Mr. Jerk ended up sitting across from me so I was stewing the entire time waiting for him to start jawboning.
About 10 minutes of his mouth going and he popped off something to me. Rage took over and I grabbed the first thing handy, which happened to be a butter knife, lunged at him, and jabbed him in the jugular vein and held it there. I told him if he ever, ever opened his mouth to me again I was going to saw his throat from ear to ear with that butter knife. His eyes were bugged out and he was frozen in fear.

A mechanic sitting next to me (also a friend) persuaded me to remove the knife (customers were starting to look…) but I did so slowly. He was oozing some blood from the jab wound and for the next week or so he kept his collar buttoned to the top so the mark would not show. Best of all, his mouth stayed closed thereafter although a few weeks later he tried to buddy up. Not happening.
Other guys in the shop thought it kind of funny and a few of them thought I should have finished the job at lunch…
He might have really been nervous if he knew I kept a .380 in the tool box. Thankfully a month later he was gone for good.

I don’t normally go off the rails like that but he had me on the ragged edge and like a high E string on a guitar he tightened me just a round too much until I snapped.


I have watched a few Scottie videos, enjoyed them. Don’t recall what for but did not put him on the useless list.

ahh. so you were pretending to be Mr. Nice Guy…

Well, anyone who knows me knows that I am quiet, low key, minds my own business, etc but I do admit to being a bit volatile on the inside when someone crosses me or accuses/insults my wife. I have an ON/OFF switch that only gets used when a line is crossed.

My wife used to be the town clerk/treasurer and she is as honest as the day is long. So says the auditor who audits the town every year and who praised her for keeping everything organized and down to the penny.
Some board members wanted to do things that were illegal and required her signature. She refused to go along with this so they resorted to calling her a crook publicly This led to me paying a visit to 2 board members homes and one non-board member to see if they cared to repeat it in front of me. Not a one would do so. Amazing how someone can badmouth a woman but when facing a full grown man it becomes a stuttering uh…uh…uh… not me. i never said a uh…thing.

This and another incident involving a resident led to the sheriff being called to me for assault and battery and the latter incident for pulling a gun. I laughed both off and the sheriff did nothing. I told the sheriff I “pulled” nothing. The Mossberg 500 police shotgun was already in my hand and I was within my rights as the guy tried to push his way into my house to harm my wife for shutting his water off for non-payment. The only thing that saved him was that I was in the back of the house when I heard her screaming in horror and my wife in a state of panic shoved him which caused him to fall back out of the door.

None of this is auto-related except for the guy who assaulted my wife being in his car and hightailing it when I stepped out into the yard. The 500 was pointed at him but common sense said do not pull the trigger now as he is on a public street. I was a hair’s width away from putting some OO buckshot through the driver’s door.
Other than things like this I make it a point to not mess with anyone. They live their life; I live mine. It’s only a problem when their life intrudes on mine.

Once I installed a heater core in a Honda Accord; in February. Heater worked great and would roast someone out of their car. The guy picked the car up on Friday evening. On Monday morning he called me cursing saying the heater did not work on a 20 something degree day on a 600 miles round trip to Kansas City. All four of the people (all Samoans not that it’s relevant but they operate in groups) in the car were bundled like Eskimos and were continually having to scrape ice off the windows.

I said bring it down because it was working fine Friday. He said he would be there at closing time “with a couple of buddies” and the insinuation was that I was going to get a beating. I don’t think that will happen so I put the .380 inside my jacket and at 5 they showed up. I kept all 3 in front of me while keeping it civil. I got into the car and noticed the climate controls were set on full COLD and on the A/C position. I asked if that was the position going to Kansas City and they said yes. God. Morons. I set the controls to full HEAT and the roasting began.
They all 3 looked like whipped puppies as they left and it left me with a gloating satisfaction of knowing they suffered for their stupidity while trying to threaten me. I only wish there were a video of that road trip…

Having a large number of devoted followers doesn’t automatically confer legitimacy on what that person espouses. Just sayin’…

Wow. Just…wow. Doesn’t matter who the guy is or what he said, I can’t imagine a more inappropriate response. I would’ve called the cops and pressed felony assault charges, if it were me.

You can’t fix stupid . . .