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Crazed Cricket Sound

I have a 2014 bought new w/manual tranny. About 2 years ago I started hearing what I call a “crazed cricket” sound. It only happens when either the ambient temp or car is cool/cold so it doesn’t happen in warm weather. It’s coming from amidships in the dash/engine area. I can’t replicate it when I’m outside the vehicle although I can hear a very high pitched whine for a couple of seconds after the car is turned off. When I take my foot off of the gas, precisely 1 second later the “cricket” sound stops. As soon as I put my foot back on the gas pedal, it resumes. As the car warms up the noise decreases. I’ve had the dealership and my mechanic check things out like brakes, belts, etc., but nothing seems to stop it. I know I could just turn up my radio but my hearing is acute and it bothers me something fierce. Thanks for any ideas.

I suppose I’d get under the car while cold (safely elevated and not running) and start shaking things aggressively, on the theory that there are probably two metal parts of the exhaust rubbing one another when they’re cold and contracted.

I had some chirping sound driving me crazy on my Pathfinder, and it would not only happen at cold starts, but also would coincide with bumps on the road, so I was trying to find anything in suspension and exhaust, but with no results… until I happen to rattle radiator in its rubber mounts, this is where sound was originating. I did not even replace that rubber pieces, but rather rolled few layers of electric tape over radiator mounting rods and then attached to the very same rubber bushing

another thing I found was a muffler heat-shield detached in one of mounting points due to rusted out bolt: a little bit of J-B Weld epoxy holds it more than a year already

good luck with your “cricket hunt”! :slight_smile:

Use a length of old garden hose or vacuum hose to isolate where in the engine compartment the sound is coming from. Likely possibilities are

  • alternator
  • power steering pump
  • water pump
  • AC compressor
  • accessory idler pulley or tensioner
  • the accessory belt itself
  • timing belt idler pulley or tensioner (if applicable, timing belt probably not used on a 2014)

Sometimes you can narrow it down by turning variouis systems on and off. Like if the noise changes when you turn the headlights on, that could lead to the alternator. Changes when AC is turned on? Leads to the AC compressor. When turning? Leads to the power steering pump. etc

Could be a small crack in the exhaust manifold.

If it’s not the serpentine belt, it might be the throw-out bearing.

If it only happens when it’s cold, whatever problem it foretells is likely in the distant future. I would turn up the radio and not worry about it. This symptom sounds about as innocuous as can be.