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Crank Sensor?

My 2007 Jeep Commander cut out while I was driving on a precarious mountain road in sub zero conditions. We live in a remote, wild, and frozen part of Idaho and I rely on my Jeep to get my children around this sparsely populated area, so when my Jeep “just stopped running” while I was driving it yesterday I was scared to death. I was able to restart it and immediately took it to a mechanic. He said he can’t be sure, but his best guess would be that it needs a new Crank Sensor - but he can’t guarantee that will be the solution. So I either take a chance and put in the new Crank Sensor for $110 or “spend a load of money on diagnostics”. Anyone out there ever experienced a car just cutting out while driving, and if so, what was the problem/solution? Thanks!

Crank sensors can get cranky during cold weather. I don’t like replacing parts unless one knows what the problem is but it could very well be the cause. $110 total is actually a really good deal for a mechanic to do that.

It is still a crapshoot, though.