Cracked manifold

Would you buy a vehicle which has had the cracked manifold “repaired”?

Replaced? yes. Repaired? No.


You need to tell more,is this a rare ,vintage auto with limited parts available? and the crack was to a exaust manifold that was professionaly repaired.Wouldn’t bother me a bit. But if manifolds were easily found and this was a cheapskate in action I would want a price adjustment.The idea here is you want the car just uncomfortable with the repair.

Whoops, that was “replaced”, not repaired. My concern is that a cracked manifold is a symptom of “severe overheating” according to Wikipedia. The vehicle is a 1996 Isuzu Oasis (=Honda Odyssey). I had expensive ($900 still didn’t fix it) overheating issues in a Honda Civic and want never to go there again.

Read the posts on the glowing red hot exaust manifolds (today’s)Advice,experiences all over the board. For me a sympton of severe overheating is the smell of the oil that wont go away and the condition of all the heat sensitive (rubber,plastic) parts under the hood. Curious why didn’t you just ask if a replaced exaust manifold (tell the reason it was replaced if you know) is a reason to suspect severe overheating? Give the vitals also (make model year mileage and maintance record,give engine size if more than one is possible

I would not simply because a manifold does not break by itself on this new of a car. If the cause of the broken manifold was repaired it would be ok. Either there is an engine/catalylic conv. problem or something went under the vehicle with enough impact to jar the manifold enough to break it.

Not true. Many manufacturers are using composite / plastic intake manifolds now, and as they’ve been getting the technology up to snuff, broken units are not uncommon. Just google ‘ford 4.6 cracked intake’.

A cracked exhaust manifold could be a sign of severe overheating and a cobbled together intake manifold repair could be a sign of “cheaping out”, which may translate to every other thing on the car.

What kind of car, how much, and what is the story behind the cracked manifold, which is an exhaust manifold I assume?

I’m confused …Is this a exhaust manifold problem or a intake manifold problem??

Overheating is usually a exhaust manifold problem…however GM with their intake manifold problems and water leaking and causing the engine to overheat.

Many manufacturers are using composite / plastic intake manifolds now

By many do you mean GM and Ford. I know of no other manufacturer using plastic intake manifold gaskets.