Cracked engine block

I have a 2003 Toyota Tacoma. I had a radiator leak and decided to have it replaced.
A few hours later the mechanic called me to say he was running the truck to check it and the engine seized and the block cracked. Could that have been a pre condition or did they not fill the coolant sufficiently?

You have to be determined to crack an engine block purposely.

If the engine was ever overheated from the coolant leak, that can crack an engine block.


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It is more likely that the cylinder heads are warped or cracked. The damage probably occurred when it was driven with the leaking radiator, very unlikely that the damage occurred while idling and refilling the cooling system.

You have not stated whether or not the engine was overheating when you took it in. Only that there was a radiator leak.

Just theorizing based on IF the engine severely overheated, but maybe the overheating caused a head gasket breach and the engine hydrolocked due to coolant entering the combustion chamber.

Another possibility is that engine coolant diluted the motor oil due to a head gasket breach or even a cracked block and a rod bearing gave up its life.


I had the oil changed a week prior to this. I had no sign of overheating. At first I thought it was the AC overflow. The leak was not excessive. The shop is about 1/4 mile away and I drove there without any problem. The other comments may be correct though.

Sorry but now that I’m jogging my memory he did mention that they did hear it when the engine block cracked.