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CR-V help! Steam came out from behind passenger tire!?!?

We have a 2009 Honda CR-V. After driving for about 30 minutes, as soon as we parked, a white steam and a loud hiss came out from behind the front passenger tire for about 10-15 seconds. During the 30 minute drive, we put on the cool air (and maybe air conditioning) for the first time in a few months. Another note, when we stopped to run an errand during the drive, with the car running, the passenger noticed the car sputtered as like it was about to stall but it never did. Any ideas?

Check to see if your A/C works…Sounds like your Freon just leaked out…

My idea is that your description suggests that it doesn’t matter much what we thing - you’re going to end up at a shop anyway. So take the car and your description there.

Caddyman’s guess is good.

Did you smell anything when you saw the steam? If not, it might not be coolant. It is possible, but unlikely, that it is condensation dripping from the condenser. But that shouldn’t fall onto anything hot.

Thanks for your comments. I’ll let you know what the shop says.

Took the car to the shop and they could not find any leak. They added yellow dye to the fluids to help them find the leak but found nothing. The problem never came back and all seems fine.