CR-V Frame Stiffener Recall in CANADA but not U.S.?

OK, so I inspected my frame stiffener (LH) and it is pretty badly corroded. Found out that my brethren 80 miles away in Canada have a recall / buyback for this issue. Mine is a 2009, which is in the middle of the recall years 2007-11. My question is why Honda of the U.S. is not doing the same thing? Anyone else have this issue? Thanks. I would upload a pic, but I don’t think I can…

BTW, here is the Honda of Canada statement on this:

Statement by Honda Canada Inc. Regarding Safety Recall: 2007-11 Honda CR-V

Honda has voluntarily recalled approximately 83,953 2007-2011 CR-V vehicles in Canada to address potential excessive corrosion to the rear frame stiffener(s).

On affected vehicles, one or both rear frame stiffener(s) may become excessively corroded over time. Such excessive corrosion may be more prevalent where a vehicle is regularly operated in regions where road de-icing salt is frequently used during the winter season. Although a certain amount of corrosion is expected to occur from everyday operation of the vehicle, excessive corrosion to the rear frame may result in frame stiffener perforation and, in extreme cases, cause the rear-trailing arm to separate from the vehicle’s frame structure. A separated rear-trailing arm may cause the vehicle to be difficult to control, increasing the risk of a crash.

Mailed notification to customers is expected to begin in late-January 2019. Additionally, owners of affected vehicles can immediately determine if their vehicles are included in this safety recall campaign by going to, or by calling Honda Canada Customer Relations at 1-888-946-6329.

Maybe this stating the obvious, maybe not… Canada and the US are separate countries with different laws and regulations for vehicles and the criteria for safety recalls of those vehicles.

A recall in Canada does not automatically mean there will be a recall in the US… for many different reasons. The cars actually might be a little different. The level of damage or risk for a recall in Canada might be lower than the US.

You are driving an 12 year old car on salt soaked roads and rust occurs. I’d say that is a reasonable expectation for any car sold in the US in the northern regions of the country. Either fix it on your own dime or scrap the car.

If you are looking for help going after Honda on this site, you may be out of luck. I’d suggest posting this on a Honda owners forum. I’d also suggest you stop by your local Honda dealer and ask them about it. I’d also contact Honda directly - the number is in your owners manual - and discuss this with them.


Yes. You could pay your Honda dealer to install the part. If later Honda USA has a recall or other special program, you could ask them for reimbursement. Your chances would be pretty good.

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But only good if they issue a recall, right?

If later Honda USA has a recall or other special program

If just 80 miles from Canada, I would definitely have a long talk with the local dealer. Honda might recognize that the issues are identical, and the dealer might have a slight bit more clout than you do. What does Honda do for the fix? How much does it cost?


Honda has been investigating under body corrosion on these vehicles;

MC-10189133-0001.pdf (

Trouble is that these vehicles are more than ten years old, Honda may issue a recall but not required to.