2008 Honda CR-V - Control arm fell out

My 2008 CRV passenger’s side rear stiffener that was so corroded the control arm on that side fell out. I found a 2019 recall for this issue in Canada, but not for the U.S. This is a major safety issue, as I had zero warning.

This is indeed a major safety issue, and I suggest that you notify NHTSA about the problem.
Have you picked a repair place for this repair?

Make sure to do a thorough inspection for any additional rust or corrosion. You’ll need to replace anything else that’s corroded too.

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It’s very unlikely that this is the only area that has suffered rust damage.

The odds of a 13 year CR-V old being Recalled for a rust issue is not very high at this point.
Other than agreeing that there are likely other rusted and soon to possibly break items I will say something you may not like.

In every owners manual for every car made there is a maintenance schedule and in that schedule there are periodic checks which state something to the effect of “Inspect suspension and steering components”.

If this were done as recommended then this broken part would quite likely have never broken. If not done then this falls upon the owner of the vehicle for not having those inspections performed.