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Could a worn rotor & distributor cause slow acceleration?

Another question: Last summer I replaced the 4 spark plugs in my '97 car, but I never got around to checking the rotor & distributor contact points. (It’s a Geo Prizm–twin of Toyota Corolla) I’ve got only about 78k miles on it, but I don’t think I’ve ever replaced the rotor or distributor. Could that explain the rather slow acceleration?

I meant to say: I’ve never replaced the rotor or distributor CAP.

Not likely at all if the car is apparently running well.

I had a '95 Prizm that was getting lousy gas mileage and replacing the D&R along with the spark plug wires cleared the problem right up. It can’t hurt, either way. Check the maintenance section in your owner’s manual - chances are it’s due for it by now anyway. Also keep in mind this car does not have a powerful engine and it’s not going to take off like it’s 1.8L counterparts, especially if the A/C is on.

A clogged air filter can slow you down. Get the timing checked. Slightly retarded timing can slow you down. BTW, there’s no contact points.