2000 Chevy Prizm wont accelerate

Hello all…

I have a very weird thing going on with my car. It all started about 3 month ago. The car will not accelerate and it left me broke down on the side of the road. It will start but it will not move fwd. So i took it to a mechanic, he told me it was the ignition coils, so he replaced them with some used ones that he got from the car junk yard. It worked for a like 2 months. About a month ago its stared doing it again! So i thought that since the mechanic replaced the ignition coils last time with some used one, i out to try some new ones. so i went ahead and bought some new one and the spark plugs and replaced them, $100 later it still doing it.

Mind you that this time around, the car will take a bit to accelerate once i get enough speed the car will only go 70mph, then the car starts to feel like its going shut off but it doesn’t. Also it feels like the car is being held back, and every now n again will have a little burst of energy. I also see the gas consumption its a bit faster, i guess since I’m pressing the gas pedal all the in but can not go more than 70mph.


Surely the Check Engine Light must be lit up.
Is it?

If it is, then you need to have the Diagnostic Trouble Codes read (free of charge) at an auto parts store, such as Auto Zone, Advance Auto, O’Reilly, or (possibly) Napa.

Also–what can you tell us–specifically–about the car’s maintenance history over the past 3 years?
When were the spark plugs last replaced?
When was the fuel filter last replaced?
How about the air filter?

Unlikely, but since it takes little time for a yes/no diagnosis, it is worth making sure to ask your mechanic if the brakes might be locking up.

Good answers so far but the last time I had a vehicle that did this…it turned out to be the TPS (Throttle Position Sensor). I could hold it to the floor and only managed 40mph. Get it checked out by a good independent mechanic.

I have a 2000 Prism. Had a similar problem. Before warming up, it would accelerate but very slowly- like it was going to die. It wouldn’t fully accelerate. Very dangerous. Once warm, it did OK.

Replace your MAF sensor in the breather. Simple to do but will cost you $80.

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A failed MAF can put it in a limp mode. I would replace it. Is the check engine light on? If so, I would take it to Autozone or Advance and get the codes read. A MAF may not set a code. A clogged cat will also restrict engine performance and top speed. It ca be testes with a back pressure test.