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Cougar 2001

My car shakes but it go away as it speeds up, please assist

If you want assistance, I recommend you put more effort into your question.

Saleemali, just a few quick questions.

At what speed does the vibration start? At what speed does the vibration seem to go away?

Where do you feel the shake? Steering wheel, seat, floor, etc?

Do you hear any noises? Especially when the windows are down?

When do you feel the shake, accelerating, braking, anytime the vehicle is rolling at a specific speed? Besides changing the vehicle speed, is there anything else that will change the vibration? (Temperature, Turning right or left) If you feel the shake, shift car into neutral, does the shake/vibration remain?

Does the vehicle seem to be loosing power?

Any additional details would help.

I will ask how old are the tyres and the struts/shocks?  How old are the tyres?  (miles and years)  

Have you had the problem since the car was new to you?  How long was that?  Are the tyres matched (size & brand)