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on a 78 mustang, what does it cost for a catalic converter. Mechanics are telling us it will be over $1,000 for repairs, car doesn’t cost that much now.

Need to know exact engine. three possibilities exist. Looks like $80 gets you a 49-state compliant, universal fit converter from O’Reilly’s. Are you sure that the $1K price doesn’t include more of the exhaust system in the estimate?

I will get the information in more depth. I will post on here tomorrow and maybe you can assit me. Thanks

Note that you can do the very same thing I did to find out, and that is go to a reputable auto parts website and put in the exact vehicle info. Then do a search on the part you need.

I would also find an independent muffler shop and ask them to do an estimate on the car. Your quoted price is very high even for a complete exhaust replacement, I think, so it may pay to shop around and get some good estimates, in person.

The other thing to remember is that since your car is so old, it predates OBD altogether. If you need a new catalytic converter to pass emissions tests (if they even apply to your vehicle - you might want to check), you don’t have to have things “perfect” to pass. The universal cats often leave the check engine light lit on newer cars as they don’t work to the exact same specs as the OEM cat. But you’re looking at an old enough car that it won’t result in a check engine light… and you can typically pass emissions tests with flying colors on modern cars with the light on, except that they will fail you simply because the light is on, regardless of the level of emissions.

All you have to worry about is the level of emissions, and a cheap universal fit cat should do the trick. Rockauto even has them for ~$40-50, IIRC. Add in an hour for the shop to cut out the old one and weld in the new one and you’re still looking at $150 or so… $250 to be generous. That’s a heck of a lot less than $1000

Some would tell you to not even bother and just remove the catalytic converter altogether. It’s 32 years old, I doubt you need emissions testing on something this old.

Those old cats were huge because the old engines were pigs. Carburetors without computers would probably kill the cats of today.

In 1978, removing the smog equipment was perfectly legal…Very few 1978 model cars kept their cats, smog pumps, nozzle restricters and EGR valves very long…92 octane leaded regular was still being sold for a nickle a gallon cheaper than 87 octane “unleaded”…“Emissions” were still a joke as far as consumers were concerned…

okay seems I am so wrong. The mustang is a 98 model v-6. daughter told me that they need to replace the oxygen censor and cat shaft ram in order for it to pass impection. Is this right. said that it would cost her about $200.00

Was wrong on the year of the mustang. it is a 1998 V6. Mechanic told her in order to pass inspection that she would have to have a new oxygen censor and cat shaft ram. Would cost approx. $200.00. Well if that will help pass inspection, then what does she do for next year. Does this take care of the problem and it will pass from now on?