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Catalytic converter Replacement cost 1999 ford escort

Around how much would it cost to replace a catalytic converter in 1999 ford escort, with parts and labor? Just need an estimate so i know what ill be dealing with! Thanks! :slight_smile:

What has caused you to think you need a convertor? In Feb. you had the service engine light on but never posted the codes. Are these related?

Go here,, and enter your information.

It’ll give you some idea what it will cost to replace the cat.


This is a very old car, replacing the cat alone may allow you to use a “universal” one costing about $100 for the part and about another $100 for labor for a total of $200. Rough guess. Replacing the complete assembly with pipes and flanges may add as much as another $100.

Do you live in a state w/pretty strict emissions testing? If so make sure the replacement cat meets the state’s requirements. Here in Calif replacing a cat on a 99 Escort, assuming there’s just one cat involved, I’d guess that would come to close to $750 parts and labor. Make sure you shop figures out what made you cat fail, misfiring, air fuel mixture problem, or whatever, otherwise the new one will fail too.