Cost to replace single brake line in '06 Escape

Girlfriend’s Escape is leaking from the front passenger side. I can see where the fluid is coming from, and hear a hiss when the brake is applied.

I think she just needs the one line replaced- what’s a ball park cost?

Are we talking about the steel brake line or the rubber brake hose?

Looks like maybe where the steel line meets the rubber. There is some sort of junction and that is where it’s coming from.

Does the steel line look badly rusted at that joint?

No- steel looks normal, joint looks normal. Just wet from the fluid. I have a picture on my phone.

The rubber lines are under $10. I would do both. If you press against the brake pedal with a board and remove the lines you will not loose all the fluid out of the master Cylinder. Install the new hoses and bleed them normally. Watch the master Cylinder fluid level when bleeding. There are plenty on videos on bleeding on youtube.

I agree with knfenimore on the price (at , maybe twice that locally & that it would be a good idea to do them both. It’s an easy DIY job if you know how to bleed your brakes. I’m gonna take a wild guess and say it would be $50 - $100 a pop to have it done.

Just a quick clarification : By both I mean both sides - not both the steel & rubber lines.

Lets see - Girl friends car, apparently not a mechanic or you would have already checked a parts house for prices. You try to fix this yourself and mess it up and she has an accident you better have a real good lawyer on retainer.

Not even thinking about fixing this myself, no way. I’ll post the pics of the good side and bad side tomorrow.

What a missed opportunity.

Let her borrow your car for the day. While she’s away you get out a few tools and do the repair yourself. Shouldn’t take more than an hour a side for a beginner…Then you sit back and relax for the day. A half hour before she is due back home, you smear a little grease on your face and soak yourself with the hose.
She will come home, find you soaked in sweat and dirty from toiling away all day on her car.

What’s this younger gerneration comming to!!!


Watch the youtube videos and do it yourself. You can save yourself a ton of money if you fix you cars yourself. We all have to start some where. The pride of doing yourself lasts forever. If you have a knowledgeable friend or family member enlist them to oversee the job, but do it yourself. You only learn by doing!!!

Good side

Bad side

Looks like a leaky rubber brake hose but it’s a little hard to tell. If it pops you’ll have little or no brakes. I wouldn’t drive it until it’s fixed.

It’s about 5 miles to the shop- if we top off the fluid and she follows me at low speed for the drive, would that work?

The caliper brake hose requires replacement.


Would she know what to do if she totally lost her brakes? It’s risky.

Thanks, everyone. We refilled the fluid and then she followed me over to the shop while the roads weren’t busy. No problems. They replaced both of the rubber hoses.

So glad you got it fixed and she’s safe. Does she know that she can use the hand brake “parking” incase of brake failure? I taught my daughter this and it saved her when her master cylinder failed.