Cost to replace a catalytic converter

Is $873.00 a reasonable price to have a catalytic converter replaced on a Chrysler Caravan–yr. 2000? The work is being done in Estes Park Colorado

If it is a Chrysler part installed by a Chrysler dealer, I would expect that much.

However, there are many aftermarket converters that sell for much less and shops with lower labor rates. If I had need for a converter on a 2000 model US vehicle I would go the independent shop and aftermarket way. You will save at least $400.

You can start by picking up the phone and calling your local Midas, just for comparison’s sake.

Don’t feel bad just the Catalytic Converters (yes 2) on my 99 camry 4 cyl cost over $700 and that’s aftermarket parts no labor.

Nine Hundred Dollars is a lot of money just to make a check engine light go out…The Van will run FINE with NO catalytic converter…Does estes park require emissions testing?? I think they are outside the control area…