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Cost of Replacing oil Pan

The thread holding the oil plug got stripped and a local mechanic gave an estimate of $675 to fix it (Replace the oil pan). Does that seem like a high price to fix this? We live in Jax,Fla.

Why would anyone suggest replacing the whole oil pan? This is a basic and reasonably simple repair that can be done w/ pan on the car - just tap a new hole & install a new plug. If this local mechanic didn’t mention or won’t do it find another.

Without very specific info - model and year of hyundai, for example, - people won’t be able to say much about replacing the pan. Procedures can vary - by a lot.

I agree with Cigroller. This is not the first time someone posted that they’d been told they needed the entire oil pan replaced because of a stripped drain hole, and I’m always puzzled as to why that’s suggested.

Call around and see if you can find someone who can repair the oil pan threads using this system.


There are replacement oil pan plugs available at parts supply places - for a few dollars !

Thanks for your posts. The car is a 99 Hyundai Elantra wagon.