Cost of 2002 Saturn Vue throttle body and connectors

My 2002 Vue started to idle fast when starting, but drops to normal. Seems sluggish on deceleration. Dealer ran scanner and gave me bad news:
throttle body and connectors (probably). $1700! He said problems are cascading, and if that fix does not work, it could be rewriting throttle body for $655, and if that does not fix it, probably ECM terminals for $1050 or ECM itself $1600.

Are these figures right? I love the Vue, but can’t see spending $1700 on a car that’s worth maybe repair cost, or less. Two mechanics I always use hate this Cadillac engine and won’t work on it. Dealer quoted me $420 to replace a rear wheel bearing, but my mechanic replaced it for $230. Is the dealer trying to rip me off?

I guess I’ll have to try to trade it in…or push it off a cliff…

Get a second opinion from a good independent mechanic. A 14 year old vehicle should never be taken to a dealership for repair. The dealer is just trying to play “shotgun maintenance” with you. It’s a game that the dealer always wins and the customer always loses. It sounds like they really need to be out of the repair business anyway.

I’m in favor of the cliff because of the Saturnness of the Vue. They were not known for value and my 2003 used to try to sneakily leave the paved road. I traded it before it killed me, I think.

If you have the V6 it is an Opel - not Cadillac engine and although it is beautiful to look at, my mechanic won’t work on them either.

I have a regular customer who had an 02 Vue. It also showed signs of throttle body failure. If I remember correctly the repair cost was over $1500. Since the car had over 200,000 miles on it and needed a few other things they donated it to the local vocational/technical college auto shop.

Your car is 13-14 years old and has reached the end of its life.

Trade it in…There are so many better vehicles out there then a Saturn VUE. Putting $1000+ into something this old is crazy. If you have not tried out other makes they are about 10 fold better and nicer then this vehicle(mother in law has one).

Personally this vehicle is why GM and Saturn nearly disappeared trying to pass this product off as passable to a consumer.

I have a new one for a 4cyl motor. $200