Corrola 2002 noise when stopped

When I am stopped with the gear in drive (like in atraffic light), i hear a noise that sounds like a worn ball bearing or a fan hitting something.

When I take the gear in to park the noise stopps immediatelly. What is going on?

This noise could be due to the movement of the engine. Does the sound appear the same when you shift into Reverse?

One concern is that the noise might be coming from a failing torque converter or flex plate. You might have to have someone listen for the location of the noise and maybe use a mechanic’s stethescope. Get back to us if the sound can be pinpointed.

Hope that helps.

I’d look for a loose or bent exhaust heat shield first. They can make annoying rattles under the car. What happens when you step on the gas to drive away from a traffic light? Does the noise go away or does it change with the speed of the car?

The noise goes away when i start moving again. Also i’ve checked whith gear in reverse, that the noise goes away. Also I have put it in gear and used the hand barke to hold the car. The noise is there. To sumarize the noise is there when i am in drive but the car is not moving (use hand or regular brake).