Corroded pipe connecting to muffler temporary repair

I just found out that the pipe connecting to my muffler has gaping holes in it, about 3/4 of the way. For various reasons, I can’t get it properly repaired until December (8 months). I am considering my options for temporary repairs that can get me there. I live close to work and I am going to avoid any long distance driving with my car. I hope I can get by with duck tape and with securing the pipe best I can with metal wires. Does anybody have experience with that? How much time can I buy with temporary repair?

Time,? None. Do you not have a credit card ? The amount of interest you would pay is less than what you would spend if you passed out in this thing and hit something or someone. And duct tape is not going to work.

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Ask a local non-chain muffler shop to look it over and hear your plight. They may be able to help at a cost much less than you fear.

Is there still “muffler bandage” at parts stores? You wrap it around and the heat cures it. I used it decades ago and it did a little good for a little while. I also used a steel Coke can and 2 muffler clamps on my Opel Kadet wagon somewhere north of Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario - also decades ago.

I agree with shanonia. I used these temporary bandages decades ago. They bought time.
You might have to do it more than once to last 8 months, or you might not make it.
But it’s worth a try. Names I found on the internet: advance auto parts, napa, permatex.

Duct tape will burn off and smell really bad within the first mile or two of driving. Metal cans with clamps may work.

This stuff is hit or miss

A local muffler shop or friend with a welder might be able to put some metal on to buy you some time.

A leaking exhaust is dangerous, CO can enter the car and you can die.