Correct Tire pressure Message!

I dropped the pressure in the back tires to 35psi, I’ll drive it today and see if it alerts.
Thanks for the feedback.

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In as much as the PSI is in range, I suspect an error elsewhere.
Next time you take it in for routine service, have your dealership diagnose it and put your mind at ease. It might be a glitch in the instrument display.

And don’t forget the suggestions made about possibly needing to replace the sensors in the tires, given the age of the car.

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The system is not broke, each time a tire rotation is performed, the tire pressure monitor must be initialized or “reset”. This establishes the low pressure thresholds for each tire.

I had an odd experience, door panel says 33psi. 3 tires down to 30 psi and an indicator lite. filled to 33 psi, light still on. Called dealership to see if was covered under extended warranty, was told the tires should be 35 psi, so went to 35 psi and warning light turned off without even driving anywhere. 2017 Rav4

I’m with Nevada, I don’t believe the system has an issue. Its the pressure or the way that it is configured (last reset)


It seems like the first thing to do is inflate the pressures to exactly as spec’d, 35 front, 41 rear, then do the reset procedure. Then let us know what happens. If the warning goes away then you can let a little air out for the best ride quality and see if the fix holds.