Correct Mud and Snows for Hopped up Vdub

I have a hopped up 1970 Super Vee Beetle. The current wheels are 205/60 and 225/60 16’s as it is running about 180 hp and its summer tires are Kumho’s.

I am moving to a winter location and want to add a dedicated set of Mud and Snows.

I assume that I should go to a much narrower tire for the winter and get an aggressive tread; What do You Guys think I should fit to the Vdub?

You will not find any mud and snow tyres today. You would have in 1970 but not today. Today they will be WINTER tyres. They will not look much like snow tyres, that clunky tread is gone, but they will preform better than those old snow tyres.

I suggest you stop by your local computer and check out the TireRack web site and see what they have and then read up on the customer reviews.

You also may want to consider buying them from TireRack. The idea of mail order tyres is really easier than it sounds.

Remember to get all four tyres and not just two. It is a lot safer that way.

BTW you don’t have a 1970 Super Beetle! Super Beetle, produced from model year 1971 to 1979. Maybe you bought it in 1970?

I have bought from tire rack, and it was a great experience; they FedX tires to my door in 3 days. I’ll definitely check them out. Now you have me really thinking about the model year, I’ll have to go and look at my VIN #.
I really kind of hoped that skinny and knobby mud tires were available; they look so much more purposeful.
Thanks for the education.