Correct air conditioner hoses..i need help!

What are the correct air conditioner hoses to be used on a 2004 Honda Pilot? When I reached out to a parts store they could not locate on the computer which ones I needed. Any advice? Thank you.

Given the age of the car, it is very possible you have leaking hoses.$550 seems reasonable but that depends a lot on where you live. Rates vary considerably.

If you feel you are being treated dishonestly, take the car to a different shop. Get a second opinion and estimate. No one is forcing you to go back.


Is this a shop that specializes in AC? That’s what I use.

AutoZone shows a pair; priced at about a 100 dollars for both.

Question for me is how have you determined the hoses are the actual problem?

Just a thought here. If you take it to a shop that specializes in A/C work, they can fabricate any hose you need, probably at a price comparable to what any other shop would charge for the same hose.