Corolla's recurring EVAP Problems

My wife’s 2005 Toyota check light came on. The code suggested the EVAP system. We started with the $500. replacement of the charcoal filter (available only through Toyota). Still the check light keeps coming back on. It is now in the garage for the 3rd time. An Internet search shoiws this has been a continuous Quality issue of Toyota’s since the 1990’s including a Federal Suit. Why hasn’t it been taken care of and no recall. and also what else will need fixing in the EVAP system after replacing the charcoal cannister to prevent the check engine light from coming back on? This could prevent passage of emission standards?

The Gas Cap Was Replaced And The Filler Neck Cleaned, Correct?

A code for a “large EVAP” leak can be caused by a faulty gas cap or sealing surface.
Chances are that a recall isn’t in the works because recalls are safety problems. Sometimes a manufacturer can begin a “campaign” to help cover screw-ups.

What has been a continuous quality control problem? Are there particular codes you are talking about? If there are, what are they?
What does the dealer say about the emissions warranty coverage? Have you paid for parts and tests covered by the warranty?
There are a lot of parts, and a lot of codes, dealing with the EVAP control system. What are they on your system?

I’m wondering where that came from too.

I own a Toyota Matrix with the identical engine and have no issues, never mind ‘continuous’ ones.

That must have been a WAG when the canister was replaced before anything else.

One of the EVAP codes in my manual (Haynes 2003 thru 2005) shows PO455 (system gross leakage (leak or loose gas cap)). PO440 = (System malfunction) No sh*t. What a way to run a railroad.

You’re right though, there are 11 related codes for the EVAP system.

There are many components that make up your evaporative emissions system. The most common problem in any evaporative system is a leak of some type occurs, but other things can occur as well. As suggested would need more specific information of the related fault codes. And yes, if you have a State mandated emission test to take… you will fail if that light is on.