Corolla engine problems galore

I have a 2003 NZE corolla. I was in an accident where it flipped and for some reason after all the repair I can’t reach the top speed it used to reach before, it idles faster than usual, and it feels like it is struggling for power and to change gears. Can anyone help me?

Did the engine continue to run after the car flipped? If it did–for even a couple of minutes–then my best guess is that the engine suffered oil starvation until the engine was shut off, simply because the oil pickup in the crankcase was sucking air once the car flipped. Oil starvation=bearing damage, and that is potentially fatal to an engine.

That seems unlikely. The fuel pump would have sucked air for the same reason the oil pump would, so the engine most likely would have stalled fairly quickly.

On the other hand, the OP’s problem sounds like a vacuum leak.

There could be an alignment issue too. Highly likely.

Why not start with the basics, oil change spark plugs air and fuel filter. Check trans fluid and coolant too!

By top speed do you mean it won’t do 112 MPH anymore or you do mean it won’t get up to highway speeds anymore?

How have your concerns been adressed by the insurance company? What I am getting at is there the potential for them to pay for these issues to be checked out by a mechanic? I conclude no “check engine” light. Accidents can damage exaust systems causing driveability concerns.

actually I switched off the car as soon as it flipped. when the mechanic tried later he noticed that the car’s exhaust smoke was cloudy and green but he said that is was probably oil finding its way in the exhaust system and he left it running until the exhaust smoke was clear again. As for the vacuum leak Jay, none of the mechanics suggested it but I will check it out

I didn’t hesitate with that oil change and spark plugs. however a mechanic was suggesting that it might have to do with transmission. I was suggesting that it could be the fuel filter but people tell me it’s in the fuel tank and that’s highly unlikely. I might check both out before the weekends.

insurance is a joke here in Trinidad. if their mechanic does figure that out it takes more than a minute and certainly more than pocket change. and explain what u mean by exhaust systems and driveability concerns.

If your exhaust system is collasped your speed and performance will be extremely limited. When a mechanic speaks about driveability concerns he is talking about how the car runs. Any “check engine” light?

I did not know what had been done to the upside down car.
Fuel filter was one idea after the rolls and being upside down sediments not disturbed during normal driving could clog a filter. The fuel flow could be tested to avoid going into the gas tank. My Toyota pickup you needed to remove the starter motor to change the fuel filter, lucky it was on the 50k maintenance schedule, what’s the deal with Toyotas and gas filters?

Did it run that way right after the new plugs? (just in case they became fouled from burning out whatever it was you were burning out) Check the plugs again anyway.

Air filter in case any fluids found their way onto it and degrade necessary air flow.

Vacuum was a good suggestion.

I do not think it transmission at this point due to high idle indicating poor engine performance for some reason, but put it in as a check in case fluid had drained out while in the inverted position, the same for coolant.

How do you check if a catalytic converter is clogged.

well i changed the transmission oil and the gears don’t change as lazy but I still get the struggling feeling so I think the next step is the fuel filter. I actually have no idea about the catalytic converter. I should find out. I never really noticed the before and after of the spark plugs because they were changed before I drove the car again so I guess that is something i should check out as well. the coolant is in order though.