Corolla E120 dashboard night lights

I have a problem with my 2006-2007 Corolla E120 that came in the interim since last winter.
I noticed that when I drive at night that the dashboard, among other things, that the speed indicator misses Dim mode and goes back to day mode and the Radio and other buttons that usually light up don’t do it.
Over time the problem gets worse as None of what I wrote happens at all when you turn the lever to pressure 2
At first I thought it was a fault with the lights so I changed them all and nothing happened then I changed the lever after and the same. All fuses look ok. Relays, I have tested the ones that go in relay testers but not the big ones.
the 4 pcs 10A fuses for the light that are on the left side of the engine compartment, next to the battery, they are OK but there are also 2 relays 1 HED which I think is working because when I removed it, the Full/Half front light did not work. Next to it is a blue relay called DIM, I couldn’t test it and I don’t know what its function is.
All lights both inside and outside work as they should.
The buttons also work well plus the brightness control works great.

The lever has 2 turning positions
0 is half+parking light
1 is parking light only
2 is half+parking and full beam when you press the lever

I have no idea where all the relays are but the ones I found
Located next to the morton on both sides, there are 3 “grey” located behind the fuse panel under the driver and 2 behind the passenger compartment.
I heard the DRL relay “Dayrunning light relay” but I don’t know where it is located or if it affects my problem.

thanks for any help in advance

None of what I wrote happens at all when you turn the lever to pressure 2
I think your problem might be in the turn signal switch.

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Thanks for your answer.
I changed it but nothing happend.
Now a time the car didn’t give peep signal if froget to close the lights when i go out.

Does it have a knob to adjust the night time brightness levels?

Seems unlikely to be a bulb, fuse, or relay problem. I’d guess instead one of these

  • Faulty control switch (perhaps the one mentioned above by WW); or
  • Operator error. Make sure you are following all of the lighting system instructions in the owner’s manual. Is there a round multi-position control knob on the dashboard at the far left side, left of the steering wheel? If so, are you certain it is in the correct position?

No it didn’t has

There is no round multi-position control knob it’s just the signal switch which do that. And i changed it but it didn’t help