Corolla 99

My corolla has 114000 miles on it and has been having some problems. First I had problems with the starter which actually caught fire and had to be replaced. Now I am having problems accelerating because it goes very slow and the car makes a sound when I go above 60 mph. Thanks for all the advice.

Starters don’t usually catch fire…unless thay’re being cooked by hot leaking exhaust gasses. Which could also account for the “sound” above 60 mph and possibly for the operating problems. A major exhaust leak from the manifold, the header pipe, or a junction in that area messes with the oxygen sensor signal.

Are you saying the starter goes slow or the car. How slow? What kind of sound? When was the last time the air, oil and fuel filters were replaced, oil changed and spark plugs and wires replaced? Pleas describe the problems with the starter and why you believe it is related to this problem?