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Corolla 2010 front bumber

kindly, does the corolla 2010 US have a front bumber energy absorber ? and what is the part no. of it? and where can i see a photo of it?

is this what you are looking for?

yes thank you but is this for corolla 2010??? i heard that corolla 2010 does not have one

Then you heard wrong.

ok , but i need the part number of it to make a request from the dealer

Dealer has all the numbers. Call the parts department and ask them.

It’d be extremely unusual for the dealer parts department not to be able to find out the part number in about 30 seconds. Looking up part numbers is something they do all day long. If they can’t provide a number, it’d be entirely reasonable to ask them why not. If they really can’t give you a number, feel free to post their explanation – no matter how garbled.