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Corn popping in car

Have you ever heard of any popping corn in a hot enclosed car? If so, what method did they use?

Deceptive photography?

Perhaps it was parked in the sun up here in New Hampshire. It’s been hot enough lately.

Corn pops when he moisture in the seeds expands to a point where the pressure created exceeds the ability of the seed husk to contain it. The seed basically explodes, cooking the seed’s meat in the process. It can be done with a simple hot air popper, which is what I use at home. The amount of heat necessary isn’t really that great. You could probably do it with a hair dryer, although I’ve not tried it.

In 90 degrees ambient, a car’s interior can reach 140 degrees in 10 minutes
It’s been over 100 degrees up here for days now. I would not be surprised if a black interior were able to reach 175 to 200 degrees, perhaps more. That will pop popcorn.

So will a group of cell phones,I saw the video

Sorry all I I have seen egg boiling and popcorn popping with cellphones is not true.

You mean that video was not true??? you just can’t believe anybody these days.

It was faked by hiding the magnetron from an old microwave oven underneath the table, and then activating it in order to pop the corn. That is the good news.

The bad news is that the guys who sat around the table while taping the videeo are now sterile and sing soprano.

Probably just a buch of laid off auto mechanics acting out.

Put a Jiffy Pop on top of your engine before driving – hot popcorn in minutes.


I don’t go for distracted driving.Somebody has to be shaking that thing.