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Cooling insulators upper and lower 2004 eclipse

how do I get out the lower cooling insulators on my 2004 eclipse

Please define “cooling insulator”…

the insulators are the rubber bushings on the top and botom of the radiator

I do not know specifically about your car but normally these are mounted in small brackets that simply bolt on. You may need to remove a plastic shield to do this. If the insulators are mounted in the upper tie bar then most likely the tie bar bolts in also.

for the top yes but the bottoms look like the radiator has to be lifted up …is there enough room to do that ?

Why do you feel they need replacing? Those parts are usually “life of the car”

I am getting an aweful squeak from the front end and when I move the radiator it seems to be coming from there. I also see that the rubber in the bushings looks old and cracked and there is a lot of play in it. I tried an experiment where I taped the head of the metal that goes into the bushing and it made the squeaking much better